Hi and thankyou so much for visiting my website. My name is Natasha Laidlaw, My background was teaching but creativity has never been far away from me. I finally decided to begin learning to paint more professionally in my 40's and the result is H'Art and Design! My first year of selling professionally led me to paint a range of landscapes, seascapes and underwater scenes in an abstract expressive and fu Lain style. More recently I have developed my work in the digital art world which gives me more versatility and a wider range of products to offer you! I also came to realise on my creative journey, that many of you wanted designs not just on your walls but on day to day products so in 2020 I invested in machinery and products so that I could print them myself and send to you direct. 

In 2020 I created 'The Cornish Gnome' which combines my drawings of cute little gnomes in Cornish tartan with the endearing Cornish slang expressions. So far there is Proper Job, Dreckly, 'Ansum and Dearovim. I hope you like them and they bring a smile.... this is my primary aim in designing them.... a bit of fun and joy!! ​

More recently I have been working on designs that include quotes, I think the year 2020 has made us all reflect on life as we know it and a good quote is always food for thought. You can view all my quote art prints and home ranges here. ​

Visit 'Art of Cornwall' page to view Cornish landscapes and seascapes which are created bespoke for the area of the shops I sell in and will be adding more towns and villages in time. ​Visit Art Of UK page for anything outisde of Cornwall, this section is work in progress! 

One of my passions is painting and drawing the wonderful array of animals and creatures found in our beautiful world, as a result in 2020 'Nature's Own' page was born, checkout the page for more! ​

In 2022 I have decided to join my 2 passions up together to teach art. If you go over to my learn to draw page here you can find very low cost art tutorial books and you tube videos so that you can get started on your own art journey....its never too late!!

2023 was a year of continuing art tutorials on you tube, along with selling physical products through my wonderful stockist stores. This year, 2024, I have begun to sell a range of art books and kits! 

Take care and stay safe you 'ansum bunch!!

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" Van Gogh